From the research we have been able to do, we have found information about the people of East Bridgford involved in the armed services. This information is stored in a database and is presented in a number of pages accessed via the sub menus on this web site.

The ROLL OF HONOUR sub menu lists those killed in action. Clicking on a name in the list leads to a page documenting the war service we have been able to determine for that serviceman.

The “War Grave” entry against the “Memorials” item is a link that leads to an entry for the serviceman on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site.

The “St Peters” entry against the “Memorials” item is a link to an entry for the serviceman on the Nottinghamshire County Council web site. For some servicemen there are several memorials documented there, not just that of St Peter’s.

Also on this page is a link to the civilian information for that serviceman.

The SERVICE PERSONNEL sub menu provides access to the service biography for all the men in the database. The names are grouped by the initial of the surname and clicking on an initial on the page brings up a drop-down menu containing of all the names in the database where the surname starts with that initial.

The service biography is obtained by clicking on a name in the drop-down list and then clicking on the “Select Name” button; the information is presented in the same way as the ROLL OF HONOUR sub menu.

The ARMY AND NAVY sub menu leads to a list of all the Army regiments and Royal Naval services in which the men of East Bridgford served. As the war progressed, some units were renamed, some had very high casualties and therefore the unit were merged with other units. Some new regiments were formed, especially with the advance of mechanisation, and this led to soldiers being transfered. Clicking on an Army regiment name or Royal Naval service in the list will lead to the relevant page; all the servicemen from East Bridgford who served in that regiment or service, whether on first enlisting or on transfer, are shown.

The FAMILIES sub menu leads to a list of the surnames of the enlisted men. Clicking on a family name leads to a page of family trees for that family. We have constructed these from the information we found during our research. Thus in various cases we have been able to identify the parents, brothers, wives and children of the servicemen, but there are many gaps in the information. Brothers and sisters of servicemen who themselves were not enlisted in armed forces have not as yet been identified.

Clicking on the name of a serviceman leads to the civilian biography; this page contains a link to the service biography.

In short, follow the sub menu links to find out about East Bridgford people involved in World War 1.

April 2016