Life in East Bridgford 1900 – 2000

In 2003, the members of the History Group decided to write a book about life in East Bridgford during the century 1900 to 2000.

Chapter headings were chosen and each member undertook to write a chapter.

The resulting book was printed and published and it has now been scanned.  Each chapter is available by clicking on ‘Read’ against the relevant chapter title below.

1 Introduction-  Read
2 Maps- Read
3 Structures and Buildings- Read
4 Public Services- Read
5 Agriculture- Read
6 Business and Occupations-Read
7 Church and Chapels- Read
8 Education and Schools- Read
9 Clubs, Societies and Groups-Read
10 Wartime- Read
11 Celebrations and Occasions-Read
12 Appendices- Read