The Study of an English Village by J.A. Healey


In the Summer of 1955, Mr. J.A. Healey was attending the Borough Road College, Isleworth, London.

As part of his studies, he undertook a survey of ‘an English Village’, and the village he chose was East Bridgford.

During the Summer, he made a number of visits to East Bridgford to interview and research.  The result of his efforts was a Dissertation entitled “The Study of a Parish” which was then, no doubt, submitted with other work to the examining board.  It is not know whether or not he was successful, but judging by the quality of his work, i think it can be assumed that he was.

It was a chance encounter between Mr. Healey and Mr. Bill Whittaker whilst Bill was on holiday that led to the History Group having access to the dissertation.

The Dissertation has been scanned in two parts, a, the documentation and, b, the plans (4).

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